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Every build or project is always different.

Our approach as builders is always the same.


We prefer close communication and regular site meetings as we know that your home will evolve along with the building process just the same way as your preferences on finishes and materials.


We establish a relationship early in the building process so that you can feel comfortable asking questions or making special requests.


Each custom designed home requires a custom building approach. You can rest easy knowing that our dedicated and commited managing director is constantly personally supervising  your home. This means a more productive and not to mention economical approach which delivers an exceptionally high standard of materials and craftsmanship.


All skills are of the highest standards and all craftsmen are well experienced and knowledgeable. Even in some instances some trades are successors to thier Artisan Fathers..., inheriting  skills and a code of ethics that want to please and impress our clients.


We understand that you will imagine and visualise what the home will be like once complete and we also respect the need for you to understand the costs involved to achieve this.

We are always here to help and we encourage for you to have a role during the projects build